Somak Group of Companies

  • Procurement of line-pipes and fittings for the oil and gas industry
  • Supply and installation of valves and control instruments
  • Supply of laboratory chemicals
  • Supply of industrial chemicals to the oil industry
  • Supply of generating sets
  • Supply of instruments, hand machine, tools and equipment
  • Hydraulic torques
  • Haulage
  • Manpower supply (Local & Expatriate) ENGINEERING DIVISION & MECHANICAL/STRUCTURAL
  • Pipeline/Flow lines (Land/Offshore)
  • Fabrication of crude oil storage tanks
  • Overhauling of generating sets
  • Installation of pumps
  • Sand blasting
  • Waste treatment design and engineering Oil spill clean up
  • Design and construction of waste containment facilities
  • Landfill design and engineering
  • Environmental action plans
  • Environmental impact assessment (EIA)
  • Remedial engineering
  • Geochemistry lab services
  • Geotechnical engineering
  • Waste management services
  • Environmental audit
  • Bioremediation (Land farming)
  • Ecological studies
  • Soil, water and waste water analysis
  • Environmental pollution studies
  • Environmental and safety training
  • Waste management technology INSTRUMENTATION AND CONTROL
  • Supply of instrumentation equipment and spare parts to the oil & gas and steel industries.
  • Supply of control valves, production line equipment and spare parts to the oil producing companies.
  • Servicing of instrumentation and control systems for the oil companies.
  • Servicing of RADAR SYSTEMS and accessories for the offshore oil production facilities, sea-going vessels and the aviation industry. ELECTRICAL/INSTRUMENTATION
  • General maintenance
  • Overhauling of generating sets
  • Calibration of both vertical and horizontal (tanks) oil and gas.
  • Measurement/data measurement devices
  • Pressure testing (integrity assurance tests of equipment and devices).
  • Design and installation of Electricity Supply Systems, Light & Control Systems for domestic city and industrial applications.
  • Sales and servicing of electrical equipment and spare parts supplies.
  • Design and installation of Electric Security Systems for domestic and industrial applications.
  • Sales, installation and servicing of Visual & Audio Security Systems including closed-circuit television/cameras and photo-alarm system. TELECOMUNICATION
  • Sales, installation and servicing of radio communication equipment and accessories including Base Radio and Hand – Sets.
  • Sales, installation and servicing of Telephone communication equipment accessories including PABX systems, Intercoms, Telephone Handsets and Telex systems CONSTRUCTION AND FABRICATION
  • Design, construction and installation of Engineering Structures Systems.
  • Fabrication of Equipment Spare parts, Engineering Assemblies, Tools and Accessories. CONSULTANCY SERVICES
  • Project conceptualization, Engineering Design, Costing and Evaluation Project Management and Commissioning.
  • Training of Technicians and Engineers on specialized engineering equipment, systems and operational safety. PARTNERSHIP EXPERTISE We are in partnership with a reputable and consultancy firm in providing essential services and exchange of personal in the following fields.

i. Consultancy services
ii Engineering & Design
iii Construction Management
iv Project Management
v Procurement & inspection