Somak Group of Companies

Quality/Safety Policy

QUALITY SYSTEM                     
We are committed to providing product services which meet or even exceeds customers’ requirement. To achieve this goal, we employ management systems and processes which comply with the relevant Nigeria and international standard within an environment of continuous improvement.



We know that quality is important to the customer.  We therefore do not compromise on quality of services to our customers i.e. delivery time, competitive pricing, integrity, courtesy and respect, dependability of our products and other such things that could surpass our customer’s expectations.


We dedicate ourselves to total quality management methods.  Accordingly, the values that guide us and which we continually emphasize in our day-to-day operations include but not limited to, cost effectiveness, customer relations, company’s image, profitability, efficiency, communication and team work.


We have a policy of carrying out business in strict compliance with the laid down Policies of the client, in respect of Health, Safety and Environment in such a way that our employees and others are adequately protected from an exposure to danger. We strive always to consciously minimize to a large extent any damage to property, human life and the environment. Our policy manual on health, safety and environment is comprehensive-safety document which is made available for all our staff to study, absorb and apply its contents.