Somak Group of Companies

Services &Technology

PROCUREMENT: Procurement services to external clients and for in-house Projects; vendor selection; inquiries; engineering requisition control; bid evaluation, order placement expedition; vendour inspection; traffic and materials delivery; vendor invoicing and settlements; contract teams and claims; negotiations; cost-effective purchasing.

CIVIL AND ARCHITECTURE: Concrete structures; foundations; earthworks; building
renovation; architecture specifications and building cost Management; concrete rehabilitation.

ENVIRONMENT AND SAFETY: Waste water treatment; air pollution abatement; noise safety studies; soil investigations; license reduction; applications; environmental impact assessment; life cycle analysis; permits; emergency plans; environmental management; risk analysis and HAZOPS; E & S audits.

MECHANICAL ENGINEERING: Plant engineering; process and utility equipment; separator and pipeline stations; tank farms; gas treatment plants; compressor/pump stations; vessel design; modeling; pipelines onshore/offshore; pipeline technology; routings; statutory approvals; pipe stressing pigging.

AIR-CONDITIONING AND BUILDING : Air treatment; heating; fire protection; air conditioning and climatic management control systems.

ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING: High and low voltage power installations; communications and signaling systems; monitoring systems; systems and Feasibility studies; emergency generation; lighting installations; safety and security systems; earthling and lighting protection.

STEEL STRUCTURES: Steel structures for buildings; pipe bridges; racking and platforms; silos; tanks and bunkers; cranes; bridges.

SYSTEM DEVELOPMENT: Logistical control system; systems for internal and external information and communications; management and environmental information systems.

PROJECT MANAGEMENT: Management of design; engineering projects and implementation; cost control and budgeting; progress control related to planning; quality control of engineering; checking supplier data; project administration; construction management; site supervision; materials management; safety inspection; commissioning; assistance and training for start-ups.

PIPELINES AND INFRASTRUCTURE land rental; cathodic protection; surveying; automatic map production; water and gas supply and distribution

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